Do People Still Use Paper Checks?

While you might think that in the age of digital transactions and sending money over mobile applications that paper checks have become a thing of the past, they still have their uses. If you have been thinking about signing up for a bank account and wondering whether or not you should skip out on getting a checkbook, don’t dismiss the idea just yet.

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Paper checks are not as common as they used to be by any means, but they still have their uses in the world. If you have wondered whether or not you might need a checkbook, don’t toss the possibility out of your mind just yet.

Where Are Paper Checks Still Used?

Surprisingly, paper checks are still used in a lot of different places. Here are just a few examples of places you could expect to see paper checks still being written:

  • Rent payments: Many landlords require that their tenants pay for their rent using personal checks, and may not have a system set up to accept card payments or digital payments.
  • Small businesses: Due to the merchant processing fees that businesses have to handle when accepting card payments, some small businesses still prefer to deal in cash or personal checks. Many small businesses may not accept plastic payments at all due to processing fees.
  • Person to person checks: Some folks will use paper checks to handle a personal transaction, especially in situations where both parties don’t have access to digital means of payment. Paper check payments are still very common in situations like personal automobile sales and similar scenarios.

Banks like Columbia Bank South Plainfield are still happy to issue checkbooks to account holders who have a need for them, so if you think you could make use of a paper check every now and then, make sure you inquire about getting a checkbook when setting up an account with your bank of choice.